It's about time Welcome to Fitness Ration - where complete fitness meals get delivered straight to your doorstep. Trust us, the easiest way to see results is just a click away.
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Our wide-range of menus, unique meal plans, handy snack bars, fitness bags and many more!
we prepare
Fresh and blast frozen immediately without preservatives everyday for you
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Your meals in bundles right to your doorstep.
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Convenient, sustainable and effective meals within minutes.

time saving

It's always about time here at Fitness Ration. Our meals maximize your time with fast heating meals and convenient delivery slots.

No more excuses, time's in your hands now.

Calibrated meal

Not only do we portion our meals to a special carbohydrates - protein - greens ratio, but we have meals catered to both genders' recommended dietary allowance.

Say hello to great satisfying portions.

long lasting freshness

Our complete meals are made fresh using only the finest ingredients with no additives or preservatives added. Finally! Honest, quality food.

Store it in your freezer for up to a month without worries.

Singapore Food Delivery

Knowing Fitness Ration

Fitness Ration is Singapore's first frozen fitness food delivery service provider.

Here at Fitness Ration, we strive to always bring you the best. We pride ourselves in bringing sustainability, convenience and effectiveness to all our customers. So every time we deliver a bundle of meals to your doorstep, means a long term solution to your daily frets over the lack of nutritious food and the effort spent on cooking, washing and shopping.

Seriously though, think of us when you're working late in the office and every shop outside is closed. Think of us when you barely have the time to queue with the lunch hour crowd. Think of Fitness Ration when you need help to eat well.

Because we are serious about helping you produce results.

Aside from your intense work out and your post workout drink, quality nutritious food is a must to achieve your fitness goals be it weight loss or muscle gain. Your daily diet plays a role larger than you think it can. Be it weight loss or mass gaining, it's about time you take control, one bundle of food delivery at a time.
Lean On Me
Eat clean and be lean right? This plan contains optimal portions of fibre, carbohydrates and protein to get you the weight loss you need alongside your exercise regime. Include a couple of LEAN ON MEs in your daily routine and kick-start your awesome weight loss journey. It's about time.
As the name suggest, is for those who are keen to get on the path of mass gain. Fortified with higher carbohydrates and protein, its purpose is to fuel bold individuals looking to gain muscle mass.