We feed the everyday health conscious
to seasoned pro athletes.

Pick a Meal Series.
Delivered to your doorstep anytime, anywhere.
No subscription commitment, free delivery included.

Rise Breakfast Series

Nutritious semi-meals for
hassle-free mornings
  • Complements Meal Series
  • Nutritious

Active Meal Series

Clean meals for recovery, nourishment and build
  • 100% natural
  • Strictly protein centric
  • > 32g protein
  • Whole foods embracing
  • Versatile portions for multiple meals / day
  • Allergy-friendly

Cutting Edge Keto

Low-carb, high fat meals for weight loss and mental performance
  • We’re finalising up our menu and will be launching very soon!

How we work

Designed to showcase the best of all foods and preserve its natural integrity.

The R&D process begins
with you, your feedback
and preferences


Meals are calibrated and
verified by our nutritionists.


Freshness is ensured through
small batch cooking, then
blast frozen to stop nutrient deterioration.


Finally, we deliver to your
doorstep. Simply
store, heat, eat.

The Fitness Ration Difference

Pay less for more

Bundling meals and cutting out the middle-man help bring you
cost savings and create a sustainable healthy eating habit.

Monthly menu revisions

Unlike a restaurant with a fixed menu, we like to review your
preferences. Sometimes you'll see new items, other times, old favourites.

Don’t take our word for it,
Here’s what others have to say.

  • Fitness Ration has helped me stay within my macros without much hassle and maintain a energized lifestyle. I really like the efforts they are putting in to always improve their menu, it shows these guys are always looking for ways to improve their offerings and help their customers reach their goals.

    Yang Li

    Business Consultant
  • My greatest achievement is being brave enough to leave stability behind in pursuit of passion, growth and progress. I can't say I love all the sacrifice and pressure, but at least Fitness Ration takes away the headache of eating well.

    Stephen B

  • The ease and convenience of the meals make staying on track with my eating plan just so simple. I know that I'm eating what I'm meant to in the right portions! I just love it.


    Digital Marketing Manager
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