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Purchase Enquiries

Why are meals sold in bundles?

We believe in optimal convenience and long term solutions. With our freshly frozen meals you can store them for weeks in the freezer. It works because you don’t have to reschedule dinner appointments, simply consume them whenever you need to!

Why are your meals gender-specific? Can I consume a male-calibrated meal if I am a female?

Our meals are calibrated according to the Health Promotion Board’s recommended dietary allowance. As males and females are biologically different, our bodies have varying capacity of calorie and protein intake too. Nevertheless, these are guidelines that we recommend, but we do not strictly enforce them.

Can I purchase this for a friend?

Of course! As long as you have their mailing details, you may buy your friend a Fitness Ration meal bundle.

Are the payments safe / secure?

All payments go through secure gateways and we don’t save any of your personal informations or banking details.

I want to share a bundle with my friends and split the deliveries. Is this possible?

Sure, we’re all out for social eating so go ahead to share your purchase. Simply let us know by leaving a comment of the next address. Each additional delivery is subjected to a delivery charge.

Food Enquiries

Do you have added preservatives, additives and are your meals gluten-free?

We do not add any preservatives or additives to our meals. All ingredients are treated with natural products and go through the blast freezing process to maintain its original quality. However, our meals aren’t gluten free. If you have a special event that requires gluten free dishes, email us and we’ll see what we can do!

Are your meals Halal?

We are currently not Halal certified. However, our supplies of ingredients are halal certified and we do not use any pork, lard nor alcohol within our kitchen premises.

What is blast freezing?

It’s basically a technology that allows us to reduce the freshly cooked food to freezing point (-18℃). This not only maintains optimum quality, shape, size and taste of each ingredient, but it prevents bacteria from entering the food (as compared to room temperature or chilled food) for extremely long periods of time – similar to hibernation!

Will eating Fitness Ration meals make me lose weight?

We cannot guarantee that eating Fitness Ration daily will make you lose weight as there are several factors to losing weight. Our meals are design to support and complement your fitness lifestyle, that’s why we’re certified by a nutritionist to ensure the right balance of nutrients for your body without the unhealthy oils, excess sodium and trans fat.

How do I reheat my meals?

Reheating can be done via microwave oven, steamer or a convection oven. You will need to first defrost your meals for at least 12 hours in the chiller. Pop it into the microwave for 4-6 mins on medium high. Remember to check your microwave's label to know its Watts. It’s usaully at the back. And don’t worry if you get lost, all the instructions are printed at the back of the sleeve plus we’re available anytime to answer your questions.

Delivery Enquiries

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver island-wide in Singapore! There is however, a slight surcharge for areas in Tuas and Sentosa.

What is the cut-off date to reschedule my meal or change my choice of meal?

The cut-off time for next day delivery is usually 5pm the day before. However, this varies and we’ll always show you the earliest available delivery date upon ordering.

Aftersale Enquiries

Can I get refunds for my meals?

We do not normally refund should you decide to cancel your meals upon ordering as the meal would have been prepared already. But if you feel that you deserve a refund, feel free to drop us an email and we’ll do our best to serve you better.

What happens to my meal if I have an emergency, and am unable to collect it on the given day?

Do call us ASAP if you’re unable to receive the meals. We’ll be more than happy to store your meals with us or make special arrangements.

General Enquiries

Will we see new items on the menu?

We introduce new dishes frequently, so look out for featured items or leave us a Facebook comment on what we should have!

Is Fitness Ration similar to a diet program?

Nope. We are most definitely not a diet program. Our meals are healthy convenience food designed to give you proper sustained energy or simply a better meal option in your day.

Do you have a storefront?

Sure! Although we don’t usually do dine-ins, you’re welcomed to drop by our kitchen to grab a couple of meals or just have a chat with us.