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Our Food

Science, Our Responsibility

With industrial standard snap-freezing technology, you’ll find that the full nutritional contents, taste and texture of all ingredients are contained.

Healthy Eating In Minutes

Heating it up is easy. Our custom built trays are designed for even distribution of heat. Simply pop it in the microwave and you’re set for a piping hot meal.

TIP: Heat at home and store in a bag for a quick lunch


Alternative heating

Oven 15 minutes 180 degree Celcius
Steamer 20 minutes Boiling water

*Contents must be placed in oven proof tray before baking.

Tray specs

Diameter 22cm Height 4cm Food grade PP (Black) Freezer & microwave / heat safe

Meal Time Is Anytime

We’re all out to provide you a sustainable easy solution for eating right. No subscription plans, no closing hours. Stash a bundle of meals in your freezer and you’re good to go.

Strong Culinary Focus

Every recipe and process is drafted, approved and diligently screened by our Chefs. Every ingredient is hand chopped, tossed and tasted before it heads out.

Simmered, roasted, poached or grilled; we do it the real way.

Meet Why, Our Head Chef

Taste The World

One of the greatest things about our culinary crew is that they come from an amazingly rich and diverse background.

From numbing szechuan peppers to distinct Indian spices and authentic Thai herbs, eat the world in comfort of your own home.

Look out for new releases and seasonal specials every quarter.

Delivered, Even At Night

Our very own fleet of cold trucks keep your food at a safe -18 degree celcius all day long.

Working late? Opt for a 10pm slot. Sleeping in today? Choose a 1pm slot. Perhaps you’re surprising a friend? Let us know to arrive at 7.23pm.

Serving our meals directly to you is the least we could do.

Meet Fadzly, Our Delivery Guy

Meal Type

Calibrated to help you reach satiety and get lean, this meal type presents low carbohydrates, a selection of fibrous greens plus, a proud serving of protein making it a worthy Fitness Ration meal. A couple of Lean On Me’s per week will encourage stronger digestive health and a resilient heart.

Balance and pace with generous fibre and protein servings.



  • Controlled carbohydrates at less than 50g
  • Complex carbohydrate sources
  • A hearty 42g serving of protein
  • Innovative mix of fibrous greens
  • Good source of vitamin C, calcium and iron
  • High in good cholesterol

Calibrated for high energy release, this meal type includes ample amount of carbohydrates in recipes of all sorts, stimulating your taste buds and building your stamina. Matching that is a side of fresh fibre and a fistful of protein to achieve optimal health and strength.

Elevate yourself from your active regime with this energy-rich combi.



  • At least 70g of carbohydrates served
  • Strong variation of carbohydrate sources
  • A hearty 42g serving of protein
  • Good source of vitamin C, calcium and iron
  • High in good cholesterol

Gender Specific

Our calibrations are according to the Health Promotion Board’s Recommended Dietary Allowance of each gender.

This gives you the option to choose a portion size and pay only for what you need.

Less portions means you get to pay less.