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Meet The Team


Management Team

Jerome Seow, 24

Managing Director
3 things that keep you going

I guess it's my desire to improve the current standards of living, to secure it for future generations and a real burning want to push limits and boundaries. Until I get there, these keep me going every single day.

Jeredy Tan, 24

Finance Manager
First thing you'd do if you had a million bucks?

Go see the world from my own perspective with my loved ones and cross items off my bucket list with them (if they even want to, that is) and of course, invest a good amount of it.

Claire Francis, 24

Marcom Manager
What is trust to you?

It's almost like a neverending tightrope, except the audience is the walker. It's easy to believe in something so quickly. But it also gets easier to be blindsided. I'm telling people where this rope goes, how taut it is every day. People trust me, to tell the truth, and I trust them to have faith.

Sky Koh, 21

Operations Manager
Your go-to space when you're in doubt?

A huge field where I can lie and just look up to the limitless sky. There's no problem bigger than that, so it helps remind myself to keep my spirits up, to not give up and to keep trying. It also helps that my name is Sky too, haa.

Culinary Heads

Chef Why, 24

Head Chef
It's your last meal. Envision it.

I'll be right beside my entire family and friends. And I'll be cooking a dish, savouring it together with them. Doesn't matter what the dish is, I'll be doing the very art I'm passionate for, with the very people I love.

Chef Hong, 24

Operations Chef
What's cooking on a rainy day in?

A steaming hot bowl of red bean soup. I remember how my grandma used to cook a pot for me in the mornings when it got really chilly and I loved how it warms people up. I would like that for everyone's rainy day.


Fadzly, 27

Head Driver
Your playlist during long afternoon drives?

I love rock music. It's no surprise the truck will be hearing songs from 1970s styled band The Stitches, American band Breaking Benjamin and of course, how can I resist my all-time favourite, Bon Jovi's Living In A Prayer. They're a pretty awesome soundtrack to my delivery rounds.